Future of TFK

Some new people have joined in recent days and I’m less busy in work so wouldn’t mind updating this website a bit so starting a thread here for any suggestions as to how the site (the forum or anything else ye can think of) might be improved.

Things that will be introduced:

  • upgrading forum software in a month or so to VB3.7 that allows “social networking”, in other words members get their own profile page (a bit like a reduced form of bebo/facebook etc)
  • trying to integrate the live sport a bit better. Needs reliable listings to make the most of it.
  • better capturing of sports highlights. Uploaded videos so far have concentrated on Celtic. Don’t generally see the need to upload EPL highlights because they’re widely avaialble on tv and on the web. Intend to start capturing and uploading all the scores from the live GAA matches. Not instantly but the next day to build up a library of GAA content, something fairly absent from the Internet.

Anything else people want to see?

How many registered members are there here? I know i’m only here a few days, and who am i to tell ye how to run the place, but a bit of auld poaching of extra bodies from AFR, ClareHurlers etc would do no harm imo.

Oh yea and the vbetting facility is excellent, a bit more of that wouldn’t go astray…

Some Eircom League action would be welcome. If the tfk can get behind it maybe it can be a sucess.

Ah yeah good idea there Shan. Get behind some Irish teams.

As for the poaching, too many mucksavages on here already after the other day.

Getting new members is obviously the big challenge. Recruitment drive is the way forward but it’s hard to get people to switch allegiances. That’s why getting some good video content uploaded might help.

Think there’s about 150 registered members Dunph. Not sure though.

Need to get the vbetting updated more regularly, but need to show Bandage how it’s done to share the workload and God love him, he’s a slow learner.

Shan I’ll try and get Eircom League stuff up here too.

Is the member count not 138?

Eircom league stuff might attract Raven back http://www.thefreekick.com/vbforum/images/icons/icon10.gif

I have access to betfair prices in work, if someone gave me access to open new markets on the vBetting, I could have 3/4 markets up per day, or whatever the demand is there for.

Did you see what the craic with the smileys is Rock?

Yeah I can give you that access Sledge. I’ll need to set it up first though and give you some short instructions but it shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks for the effort.

The vBetting is great by the way. As are the Eurogoals (when they’re working)

Alright heads - bumping this again in case any new or established members have any suggestions for the improvement of the forum or the site in general.

I think you should make Let em Ride in the Casino games less rigged.

Or else give me more money.

The software here is miles ahead of most other forums, so well done and keep it going!

Some way of transferring winnings over from the Casino to your betting kitty would be handy (as I only have a tenner left)

I’m on a slight profit in Let em Ride. Always lose a fair bit first off but keep playing it until I get back into profit with max bets.

Yes, but you run things around here, so you are obviously in on the rigging.

I can probably work it so that it’s the same cash for both things. Not sure about doing that though if we want to do any betting competitions because it will interfere with the totals etc but I’ll look into it anyway.

Of course I am. There’s a pattern there that you just have to know. You’ll figure it out one day.

I like having my betting money seperate to my casino money, because then I would end up with no money for betting.

Similar to the way I had to stop putting money into Paddy Power because everything I won on the horses would end up being frittered away on the poker.
I now have a separate place for playing poker and seperate site for gambling. But hey don’t let my degeneracy get in the way of progress!!

Sports betting is a mature pastime and should be kept separate from idiotic card games and other assorted games of luck