GAA bucks recession trend

Despite the economic downturn, the average turnout at GAA championship venues so far this year is up over 11 percent on 2008.
It’s a remarkable statistic seeing that the Association was bracing itself for a fall-off as the country struggles to deal with the current fiscal crisis.
In a survey carried out by the Irish Independent, all four provinces have showed an increase in those going through the turnstiles, with Munster the big winner, as evidenced by a 22.7 percent increase.
The Cork v Kerry and Limerick v Waterford replays in football and hurling respectively have no doubt contributed to this, yet leaving these matches aside, the increase is 15.9 percent.
With the football and hurling finals to come, Munster council officials can look forward to easily surpassing 2008 figures, as are the Connacht council, where the average attendance going to games this summer is already up 11 percent on last summer.
Leinster has reported an increase of 1.6 percent and with the Dublin hurlers in the provincial final, and the footballers fancied to book their place in a fifth consecutive decider, that figure should improve dramatically. In Ulster, attendances are up by 1.23 precent.
Much has been said about the standard of football on view so far in this year’s championship, yet that negative perception has not lessened the public’s enthusiasm for the early season battles and with the qualifiers around the corner in both hurling and football, followed by the All Ireland series, the GAA can look forward to bucking the recession trend.
Whether the Association will garner extra revenue remains to be seen as various initiatives, such as cheaper family tickets, were put in place this year.

The GGA caused the recession! Think about it…:smiley:

Calling NCC.

Do you have any CSO, ERSI, FAI, IFA, C18, H1N1 figures for league of Ireland attendances to counter this.

check out the Ryan Report & you will see everything you want to see about those sick cunts in the GGA



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Fabulous news. It shows that in post Celtic Tiger Ireland, people are returning to core values such as our National games.

This tends to be case in such times. People go to what they know best, what they trust most, and what is most secure and dear to their hearts.

The aul weather doesnt hurt either mind you.

I did and look what I found in the second picture, soccerball goals!!!

People are returning to our “national games” because they cant afford to travel abroad anymore.

A large majority of GAA supporters are boggers. A large percentage of boggers are farmers. GAA attendances are up. Ergo, boggers and farmers still have plenty of disposable income despite the recession. All state handouts and EU subsidies to farmers must stop now.

[quote=“cabbage”]I did and look what I found in the second picture, soccerball goals!!![/QUOTE]

:smiley: :smiley:

[quote=“cabbage”]I did and look what I found in the second picture, soccerball goals!!![/QUOTE]

:smiley: :smiley:

cheers for the link

8.94 8.94There was evidence from former residents as to the severity of this Brother. He seems to have been immature and vicious and perhaps somewhat unstable. If his county did badly in a GAA match, he would react extremely angrily and take it out on the boys in the classroom and in the School the following day.

8.98 - 8.98A complainant who was resident from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s said that Br Percival was fanatical about sports and if the boys were not playing well he would hit them with his hurley. He also said that, if Br Percivals team lost at hurling, he would be violent towards the boys for the following week. However, he stressed that Br Percivals bad temper was not limited to the sports field. He said that Br Percival was very severe in the classroom as well. He used to beat the boys for talking or failure at lessons. He described one particular incident where Br Percival beat a boy, who had to wear callipers, for talking in class:

8.99Another complainant confirmed that Br Percival would be in a bad temper and mistreat the boys if his team lost at hurling.

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all those are just from 1 section of the report - the letterfrack section

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