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They are pretty shit at “jokes” going by that list.

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Off the top of my head Kilkenny v Waterford replay in 2016 was on RTÉ on a Saturday night. Kerry v Cork replay in 2015 too. Clare v Mayo in the 2017 qualifiers as well. Wexford v Clare in the 2014 hurling qualifiers x2. Probably countless other examples. They tend to have live league games on Saturday nights. I’m no fan of RTÉ’s coverage by the way.

They’ve showed loads of Saturday night games in recent times including the All Ireland Semi Finals in recent years, the Leinster Hurling Final 2022, and the Munster/Leinster Football Finals in 2022.


Cork and kilkenny was on rté this league as well as other games.
It’s amazing the nonsense does be spouted here on a regular basis.

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Don’t forget our lads vs Galway, 2020…

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GAA attempt at the overlap thing sky do.
Was hoping this would be good but the lads are a little bit too dry.

Who the poindexter in the glasses?

Them sliothars aren’t going to pay for themselves…


That’s fucking brilliant, sued for catching a sliothar that could well have been heading for your head. Yeah, see how that goes :joy:

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Those modern sliothars are so fucking light, you could have pucked it from Supervalu Park to Glanmire


That can’t be serious.
Is the Clare limousine society involved?

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I don’t think they’re accusing them of catching it, it’s the non-return of same that they have issue with.

The games gone.


The tipp county board are having a whip round to get a tracker

Hotpoint not available?

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That’s surely a ball hop

Of course it’s a ball hop. And a good one at that.


Confirmed to be a real letter.

By God.