GAA Prediction Leagues

Now that the login issue is (mostly) resolved it’s time to resurrect the TFK 2011 GAA Prediction Leagues.

Starting off this week and will run it until the finals - though it may be over by then.

Scoring is very straightforward:

1 point for correct outcome (i.e. win or loss or draw)
1 extra point if the margin of victory is correct.

Football and hurling games are included - first week it’s all football on Saturday and all hurling on Sunday. If you can’t figure out which sport it is then you’re unlikely to win I guess.

No need to register or anything - you should be able to enter from your forum account. If for any reason you can’t enter scores you may need or want to go to the TFK homepage and login on the right hand side.

Bandage will be supplying the prize for the winner.

If you can’t click Save because you aren’t logged in on the frontpage then login via:

Not working for me Rock, link doesn’t recognise the user name

Seemed to work fine for me.

I’ll take a look at it later.

Anyone want to confirm that it did work for them?


Did this work for you in the end? I can see your predictions are in there anyway.

Yeah- had to re register.

Scores after Round 1:

1 cluaindiuic 5
1 Rocko 5
3 monkey allen 4
3 NJ Cat 4
3 Special Olympiakos 4
6 Piles Hussain 3
6 Bandage 3
6 ChocolateMice 3
9 The Runt 2
9 sid waddell 2
9 myboyblue 2

Next weekend’s fixtures are up.

The link to the fixtures doesn’t work, via my phone anyway. Just getting a blank screen.

[knowing nod to Rocko]

Thanks for that. Fixed now.

Should you not get more if you get the exact score right?

Maybe next time. Was confusing me so I kept it simple.

Was out by 1 point on 2 predictions. Scary the amount of people who had Limerick hurlers scoring exactly 18 points !!!