Gaa split season,killing Meath football since 2011

I think the new gaa split club season could be a disaster. Loads of clubs will see players heading to America anyway and with most county teams out of action by early June they will all head to America too. Some clubs could be down 5 or 6 players.

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Yes it will be a massive success. The best thing to come out of Covid

July is way too early for Club Championship really. I’d have preferred if they left the Inter County All Ireland Final until mid August and Club then right through Sept, Oct early November.

What about the Galway Races?

I thought that was the plan, no? Are they planning on running club off first now?

lets be honest, clubs didnt want height of summer club championship for the whole lads away on J1s, or on high jinks sun holiday in Ibiza or Playa des Ingles reasons


Inter County is coming first.

An early July All Ireland Final is just too early in my opinion.

The sense of occasion was probably gone in mid August too. July will be even worse.

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Concerts, Stags, Weddings, Holidays, shur how could you expect fellas to commit to something in June and July? :joy:

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Couldn’t disagree with that. While August is too early imo, it still had the feeling of late summer about it. Inter county should just be hitting its peak in july as we run off provincial finals and prepare for the final run in

The IC should be over just before the Galway races start . Let that week be the holiday for the GAA .

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there has been so much chopping and changing of the fixture calendars and competition structures, a fella would be gone past the point of caring anymore.

if county managers werent allowed to rule the roost , run off a round or two of the county championships during the summer, tightened up the inter county fixture list a bit, there wouldnt be need for all ireland finals early July

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I loved the September sun on All Ireland Final day which has been lost. Obviously the schools aspect and kids in jerseys was a big thing too. I remember in 2001 for Tipp, the excitement in school more than the game itself.

Weather wise, September, October into November is now usually very good for Club Hurling too.


That was a disaster of a set up the way it was before. Not knowing whether you’d be playing the following weekend or not playing for 2 months depending on how the county did. Split season was the only way to go


Look at, they might go back and tweak it a bit when things get back to normal. Lime yourself, I’d be a bit of a traditionalist that way and let’s be honest, for any county that won an AI in September, and even for neutrals, looking forward to two AIFs in September did make the run in to Christmas short enough. Jesus, I’d say when Clare bate Cork in the replay in 2013, the Christmas lights could have been switched on after they got home.

I’d be split season but no need to start Club Championship before late August.

Club Leagues from April onwards and 10-12 weeks of Club Championship through September, October and into November.

Clubs deserve to play on summer pitches too. Any later you are running into soccer.
We’ve been complaining about it for years. Let’s give it a chance. At least a club player knows he can book a holiday in June or July with certainty

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That’s nonsense.
Your evenings are gone from the middle of September, so will have boards trying to run off full rounds of games on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Clubs without floodlights will also have the expense of forking out for training facilities. Players are gone back to college as well.


Give it go, its great that club month in April is gone as well. We’d always end up playing football championship thd last weekend in March.


Laois has been running this for over 10 years now (mainly because they’re usually done by July anyway). It’s great. Fall in.

Yes, clubs having to reimburse players who travel home for training from college can be a big expense, also shorter evenings to train and also dual clubs would be affected by short turnaround times and midweek games.

American hurling finals take place end of August. Some clubs will be decimated.

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