Galway - Midweek Break

“The Minister for War” and myself are hitting Galway for a few days this week. Any suggestions regarding places to go/miss would be welcome. Museums, art galleries, auction houses and cultural excursions are not on Boxtyman’s agenda.
Food and liquor dispensaries most certainly are.

How old are ya?

The Cellar on Eglingon Street (near Eyre Square) is decent for breakfast the morning after.

Nice Guinness in Taaffe’s on Shop Street and Freeney’s (old man’s pub) a bit further down.

Clubwise you’re probably best off going to Halo. The Quays on Quay Street is dacent too. You can get quite an old crowd in there though.

murphys on shop street & the dewdrop for porter. not too sure bout clubs midweek but might be worth findin out if theres any nuig sessions planned. gpo on tues & weds were good when i was in college altho that was 5 yrs ago. salthill nightclubs were great once but bogarts was a big loss. cancellin the buses from eyre sq didnt help either. could be freshers week. i kno ur goin wit herself but its always nice to have a bit of eye candy on view. also depends ur age but im assuming ur not 40+. charcoal grill for late night fodder. look up the roisin dubh for gigs.

fibber magees is a good spot…

Midweek CPS CPS CPS. Some NUIG talent there. Favourite spot of mine when I was in college.

Halo is ok but only open at weekends. As for pubs if drinkin during the day try to get into the college (NUIG) bar. Always good craic in there and they do a savage dinner too.

As for pubs if drinkin during the day try to get into the college (NUIG) bar.[/quote]

Tell me you’re having a laugh Gaillimh

I have a feeling Boxtyeater is a more mature gentleman. Can you please confirm your exact DOB (down to the nearest hour) Boxtyeater? You mentioned your close bond with your children on the Mickey Harte thread and it seemed you were alluding to teenage, or even older, kids. So an all-day session in NUIG student bar might not be up your street? Or maybe it is?

Maybe his daughter is in NUIG??

Head into Roisin Dubhs this thursday if you like rory gallaghers music.
The guy that fronts Sinnerboy(best tribute band there is of gallaghers stuff) is doing an accoustic gig there that night.

The Quays do the best dinner in Galway up until about 4.30pm, it’s good quality and a massive feed as well, costs about 12euro.

Oh didnt realsise Boxty was a bit older. In that cast the Kings Head can be good. (There shouldn’t be too many Yanks in there this time of year.)

As was mentioned already no trip to Galway is complete without a trip to Taafes.

there is decent grub in a place off eyre square…can’t remember the exact name of it…it is across the road from were boo radleys used to be…maybe one of the galway lads would know the name of it…the drink is cat in there but the food is spot on and fine big portions…

Pucan I’d say Puke

As was mentioned already no trip to Galway is complete without a trip to Taafes.[/quote]

ah stop…pure cunt of a place full of yanks talking shit…bar staff are ignorant as fuck also*…

*granted i would be ignorant as fuck too if i had to listen to american tourists all day…

thats the very one…a lad that used to have a pub out my way is running it now…

Ah, I don’t know, I like Taffee’s. When “we” got engaged we went up to Lazlo’s to buy the engagment ring, long story short, I really needed a pint after the whole thing and went into Taffees, got my pint and the barman asked was I ok, I told him what we had done, he said “jaysus lad, here have another 1 on me”, ended up having a great night and herself loved showing off her ring to all the hen parties that arrived in

An Pucn is the one. The porter was fairly good anytime I was there puke

im not a porter man myself fran…vitamin H normally and it was only average the three or four times i was there…

Get yourself into Galway, stop into the Skeff, have 1 or 2 there, around the corner to the Cellar, into the Pucan, down to Taffees, Kings Head, Quays, Roinin Dubh and then try a nightclub, good night to be hand, now excuse me while I vomit thinking of all this drink

Drink is piss in galway city lately everywhere, The guinness in murphys is nice but lager is piss everywhere, it was rotten in Taffes yesterday too.

Give up that auld stuff, it’ll give ya gut rot