Galway v Clare




I’m after firing a heap of empty Supermacs wrappers out on to the road here below in Bell Harbour Joe, the war has begun.


Tony Kelly v Gearoid McInerney strikes me a bit of match up stacked in Clare’s favour, that Galway should have a think about, Kelly the type of 11, McInerney could struggle against. Conlon & Burke has the makings of some deul


I’d fancy clare to win this. Tony kelly on GMC could be absolute carnage alright.


Marking an actual hurler like?


They have options to switch though, maybe Harte on Kelly or Johnny Coen, McInerney on Duggan


Ya but far from ideal to be moving your six Though.


Kelly does most of his damage floating out to the wings and moving in. Coen will probably be detailed to follow him when he does.


Idealism won’t win you an AI mate. We’ll do what we need to do. Conlon is a bigger worry then Kelly but he’ll meet his match in Daithi.


A right battle. I’d nearly pay just to see them contest balls in between them from the opposite half back line.


I’d be hoping we’ll stifle the supply so that Conlon will see very little action but that’s being overly optimistic.


TK v anyone is a potential mismatch however I will be surprised if there will be space for TK . If Clare half backs and midfield get on top then it will favour TK .


TK has had plenty of quiet days in recent times.


Yes but if given room to operate he is lethal .


Galway don’t give room


Kelly will be very fresh as well having not hurled at all this summer.


There’s oceans of space in that Galway defense. Clare have serious speed in that forward line and will create havoc. Globo Galway are built to play the likes of tipp and kk that have little or no speed and just lump ball up to their forwards. That’s what Galway want. McInerney will be taken to the cleaners.


You’ve a serious horn for McInerney. Did he reject your advances at the Galway Races one year?


No just centre back is a key position and can be turned into a massive weakness for Galway. Clare have the players to exploit it.


A dog with a bone ( r )