Galway v Kilkenny - All Ireland Hurling Final 2015

The end of an era.

Galway by 6+

Kilkenny by 16. Much as I hate to say it.

I wouldn’t begrudge Galway a win, but can’t see it happening.

In bejaysus. Today’s main aims will be convincing them at work that I need more days in September and then booking flights.

While Waterford gave Kilkenny a very tough and physical game Kilkenny won’t have learned an awful lot from it due to the unorthodox nature of Waterford’s set-up. Galway on the other hand have established that their full-back line is a problem area that they can work on before the final. If they can get that right and get a big performance from Tannian they have the forwards that can put up a big score

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Flights booked, shamone mothafuckas


I havent even thought about it yet. Kilkenny havent moved from second gear yet this year. The questipn is can they? There is no readon to suggest they cant. Cody picked the wrong team for the drawn game last year and got lucky. If he doesnt gdt it spot on this year, he might not be as fortunate. Thats as much as I ll say for the moment

The hunt for tickets, injury scares, this lad skinning that lad inside at training, Rackard on KCLR everytime you turn it on. Oh yes, it’s beginning to look at lot like All Ireland build up all over again.

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Unless you have news of an injury or illness to a key player say nothing.

I suppose KK will have the press night this week to get it out of the way?

I suppose

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Hard to see us winning without everything going right on the day. I was pleased with our LF performance in a lot of ways but we never really worried them that day either I felt.

Flynn was missing that day and Whelan wasn’t in the 15 so there is a straight up improvement. Apart from that Daithi Burke, Donnellan and Canning have had more game time to recover from injuries. Maloney has also been in the mix albeit for a brief few minutes.

KK justified favourites. We should have the hunger to rattle them but have we the tidiness to beat them?

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Havent made up my mind whether to go or not. There was an auction in the young ones school in spring time for two tickets. Under the deluded impression wed be there, I was the highest bidder.

How much did you pay?

Not too bad. 200

80 a piece is the actual price I think. Not too bad really

Not too bad at all. If I do sell them though , it’ll be face value

I’ll take them Mike if you decide to give it a miss.

@flattythehurdler will probably take them off you. And give you free B&B the next time you are in England.

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We’ll see chief. I have a shit load of holidays left
I might just take the week off and head up to it
I ll PM you if I decide to sell

Thanks, mate. :+1: