Game Eleven - versus Zizus Disciples

I’m too tired and emotional to provide a full match report at this stage but tonight was all about two heroes.

One crawled from his hospital bed to grab the decisive third goal in a 3-1 victory (goals from Cesc4, Jugs and Rocko).

The other delivered a stirring transatlantic inspirational speech to the team a few moments before battle commenced. The founders of Sykpe could never have dreamed of transmitting such eloquence when they conceived the idea of marketing existing technology more effectively to create the illusion of innovation.

We were fluid and magnificent, like the birth of Jesus Christ must have been.

Tremendous stuff.

An excellent start with some lovely football in the first half and a deserved 3-0 lead.

Not as good in the second half and a soft goal conceded to a shit striker, where I hold my hands up to be at fault by diving in too quickly.

A word for ClarkeyCat last night. I thought he had a good game - good energy, vision and skill from the middle of the pitch. Shaving off that beard has obviously helped.

Thanks farmer although I don’t really agree. I missed two absolute sitters and two further not-quite-absolute-but-should-still-have-buried-them sitters.

Still though, Rocko gave me a bit of coaching on the sub’s bench and told me that if I keep getting in those sort of positions, eventually the goals will come.

Oh yeah - forgot that sitter.