Game One - Versus WTS

TFK are back. I’ve fuck all memory of the game - it passed me by in a blur of accurate passing, impressive running and deadly finishing. Clarkeycat helped himself to a few and I think Jugs, Croppy and Cesc4 were all on the scoresheet with debutant Benny also nabbing one.

Raced into a 4-0 lead early on before going in 4-1 at the break. Tame enough second half performance given we were understandably comfortable with the lead but we eventually stretched the advantage late on to end up 8-3 victors.

Apologies for being unable to produce a more precise or colourful match report but I’m a little emotional after watching us stride to victory in our opening game.

Squad for the game was:


Monkey Allen failed a number of fitness tests during the week despite assuring management he had no injuries. Stevie G never plays in the opening game of the season since suffering a bruised knee that required air corps assistance a few years back. Farmer was asked to sit this one out and reflect on the silver medal he picked up last season.

Clarkey scored a handful, cesc4 got a brace and Jugs got the other. You may recall my raking Chippy Bradyesque left footed 50 yard pass (all along the ground) that set Jugs clear to finish. I was at fault for 1.5 of the goals and I wasn’t happy with our performance given we were 4 up after the first quarter and it was effectively fairly even after that despite them being very limited. I thought Clarkey played very well though as reflected by his goal tally.

Ah what a wonderful pass that was Bandage. Best pass of the night and Jugs finished crisply.

Thought Croppy had scored one but evidently not.

Clarkeycat played extremely well but:

  1. He misjudged the flight of the ball three times which is three times too many
  2. You had a fight with him over where we conceded the goal. Please sort that out among yourselves and report back to me a blame percentage. I’ll give Croppy 30% for the silly foul but there’s 70% to be shared between the wall and the goalkeeper.

cesc4 got a sly toe to tap in croppy’s effort that was already goalward bound.

croppy tends to kick people for no reason. He gave that chap a rattle across the calves on the edge of the box despite yer man having his back to goal and being forced away out the pitch. Just stand up & jockey the cunt. So a on the edge of the box just right of centre and their lad hit a curling shot with his right foot to my right side. It went through the wall but had a bit of curl on it though it only went a couple of yards to my side. As a result, that’s the goal I’m taking 50% of the blame for.

Croppy had a little run-in with that guy beforehand - he’d given him a little tap on the ankles off the ball as a petulant reaction to something Croppy did so Croppy reacted and fouled him. He accepts he was wrong to do so but it was a bit of payback for a sly kick dished out earlier. The assailant-turned-victim had the good grace to apologise to Croppy afterwards.


Good stuff lads. The conceding of 3 goals is worrying however and I tend to fully address that upon my return.

Good stuff lads. The conceding of 3 goals is worrying however and I tend to fully address that upon my return.[/quote]