Game Seven - versus WTS

[size=“5”]Rocko Fires TFK To Sensational Victory![/size]

With time running out and the game hanging in the balance the referee checked his watch one final time. Seconds remained and TFK’s arch-rivals WTS were still plotting the downfall of their greatest foes when a dalliance on the ball near halfway allowed Rocko free for a run on goal. The rapid striker feigned to go right past the last defender but instead diverted onto his less-heralded but equally strong left side before unleashing an unstoppable shot (with the outside of his right boot) high into the corner to grab 3 points for TFK.

This game will be remembered for the new kit worn so memorably by TFK. The shortsighted wanted the kit launched weeks ago but it was only fitting that the TFK franchise should wait for a game of this magnitude before unveiling a delicious outfit that had them purring in the stands and in the press box (also located in the stand). And what a fitting way to grace the latest textiles. Rocko’s goal was the one they’ll all be talking about but let us not forget that the 3 points were built not only on that late goal but also the seven that preceded it in the eventual 8-0 win.

It would be impossible to recall the order in which everything happened but a goal from Cesc4 just before the 20 minute mark (after a long pass from Croppy) opened the gates and strikes from Croppy himself and Cesc4 again made it 3-0 at the break. 3 became 4 and subsequently 5, then 6, followed by the 7th before Rocko’s crowning eighth. All delivered with aplomb and all from the Croppy-Cesc4 axis barring one wonderfully courageous finish from Clarkeycat with 10 minutes to go.

A wonderful achievement and as we walked off the pitch tonight resplendent in our new jerseys, shorts and socks and reflecting on the three points gained it was hard not to smile when remembering former team-mates such as Kylo, KC, Ledge and of course the late Brian Tinnion who would all have been so proud of our beautiful fucking football today. I got the feeling Tinnion was smiling down on us tonight.

Finally, a word for Bandage in goals. I’ve never seen a keeper so dashing in midnight navy and varsity maize but the look of panic on his face in the first half when he waved a shot wide as it struck the post was a gorgeous moment. The subsequent saves redeemed the performance but for once the bhoy looked better than he played.

I love you all very much.

Wonderful write up as usual, Rocko.

Your goal for 8-0 was clearly the decisive one but I’m sure you’ll be quick to acknowledge my save with my feet from which our breakaway was launched. Who knows what the final score would have been if they made it 7-1 then? Probably 7-1.

I thought we played excellently tonight.

I have a few thank yous to make:

  • I thank Rocko for designing and arranging delivery of the splendid new jerseys.
  • I thank the left hand post for sparing my blushes in the first half.
  • I thank my team-mates for the pass and move football and sublime finishing that was a joy for me to watch from the goal.
  • I thank them too for their stout defending and the protection they offered my goal; it was nice to keep a first clean sheet of the season.
  • I also want to thank Jesus.

TFK 8-0 WTS.
cesc4 20, 42, 64
croppy 35, 56, 68
ClarkeyCat 79
Rocko 90