Game two - versus Mespill Rangers

Elite footballers can never be content in defeat. We can take no comfort from a spirited second half display, we can never accept being second best. But we can have pride in the jersey and tonight we showed fucking pride.

The game was lost in the second quarter when we surrendered meekly after rescuing a single goal deficit. We were too brittle, too fragile and too conservative. Bandage bailed us out a couple of times and we had some misfortune at the other end but really only had ourselves to blame for trailing at the break.

Second half was a big improvement from the start but ultimately it was too little too late. Cezc4 got his second of the game after a wonderful through ball from Stevie G but the third goal was a while coming -this time Cesc4 played debutant GKR in who finished smartly.

A thoroughly disappointing game to lose but the manner of defeat was much different to some of last season’s meek efforts. The revolution will continue. This was a setback, not an apocylapse.

Rocko out.

Team is a shambles since I left.

How dare you!

Actually Bandage confessed to me at lunch that he and Jugs are looking forward to their trip to NYC but aren’t 100% sure if they’re staying with you. Bandage seemed to be saying that the offer to stay in your place was implied but wasn’t perfectly clear. I’m confident they’d appreciate you clarifying the situation without either of them having to ask you themselves.

I was proud of my team-mates tonight. They’re a great bunch of lads and a pleasure to play with. A tremendously spirited performance in difficult circumstances without 4 first choice players and two loan signings coming in at very short notice. :clap: