Gareth Bale, Greatest Midfielder in the World

I think It’s fair to say this is indisputable now. I was fairly dubious of some of the hype in previous seasons, but tearing Inter apart single handedly certainly made me reassess my stance some bit last year. He has shown this year he is not a one season wonder and if anything there is much, much more to come from him. He is easily the second best player in the epl after Suarez but as a midfielder is second to none in world football currently.

Jack O’ Shea is the greatest midfielder in the world CM.

Stop reading The Sun & Mirror.

[quote=“carryharry, post: 743902, member: 1517”]Jack O’ Shea is the greatest midfielder in the world CM.

Stop reading The Sun & Mirror.[/quote]

FFS Jacko didnt even make the team of the Milennium.

Player of the year is between Suarez bale rvp michu matta and Fellini.
Rvp will be the winner

[quote=“Faldo, post: 743917, member: 1520”]Player of the year is between Suarez bale rvp michu matta and Fellini.
Rvp will be the winner[/quote]

Maybe so, but he has gone quiet lately whereas Bale is firing on all cylinders… Voting is soon enough right? Suarez should walk it but will never win it.

I would say it is between Bale and RVP but Suarez should be in there too-nobody will vote for the poor bucktoothed cunt though. RVP is gone off the boil in a big way.

Your point being?

Gareth Bale further cemented his status as the Premier League’s hottest property as he inspired Tottenham to two potentially decisive wins this week, earning him the latest World Player of the Week gong.

Last Monday evening, the Wales star fired his side into the lead at Upton Park before West Ham turned the game on its head in the second half. With the scores locked at 2-2 and Spurs fans looking anxiously ahead to the north London derby with Arsenal, Bale picked himself up off the turf and launched an unstoppable drive into the top corner to seal a dramatic win and maintain the four-point gap to the Gunners.

On Sunday, Bale lived up to his billing as the star of the show when he opened the scores with a coolly-taken finish in the first half and, although he was not quite at his sparkling best, he was an integral part of a Spurs outfit which battled their way to both a 2-1 win and third place in the table - seven points clear of Arsene Wenger’s side.

With Bale’s stock in the European game increasing with every ball he kicks, there are many who believe Champions League qualification is the only way in which Andre Villas-Boas can hope to fend off interest from abroad; ironically, with his sensational form showing little sign of abating, the 23-year-old is proving to be the main man to make that happen. UK’s Oli Platt summed up a remarkable seven days in the Welshman’s incredible season:

"Gareth Bale enjoyed highs as both an individual and a member of an in-form Tottenham side in a remarkable week for the Welshman and Andre Villas-Boas. Bale was simply brilliant on Monday night against West Ham, scoring two goals - the first impressive, the second truly outstanding - in a match Spurs might very easily otherwise have lost.

"That set him and his team up nicely for Sunday’s north London derby against Arsenal, which proved much less of a one-man show. Bale got himself on the scoresheet again to take his Premier League tally to 16 for the season and make the claims of a power-shift between the two rivals even more credible.

"There is no doubting the confidence Bale has instilled in the team around him and despite the continued brilliance of Luis Suarez and Robin van Persie, most bookmakers see him as the odds-on favourite to take the PFA Player of the Year award. If he does claim the gong, he would join Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry and Alan Shearer in winning the award more than once in the Premier League era. Not bad for a 23-year-old.

Great internetting CM. I wasn’t overly convinced on Bale until I opened this thread.


The EPL, as always, is where it is at.

You made it for me

Your welcome mate.


Radoslaw Majewski is the greatest midfielder in the game right now, this is well known.

Was he a recent recipient of the world player of the week??

Goal.whogivesafook, Super Raddy is odds on to be named championship player of the month next week

Assist and a goal thus far. Unreal.

Ever since he got rid of the hairband he has turned into a more than decent player.

Daniel Levy would be a cunt to deal with if any club bids for him. Can see him staying if they reach the Champions League, otherwise can see PSG or one of the other sugar daddy clubs coming in for him.

Zidane waxing lyrical about Gareth Bale… frightening was the term he used.

I’d still put it 1. Messi 2. Suarez 3.Bale