Gareth Southgate

A great man, whatever happens from here. He has brought football back to the people, where it belongs


A class act. Up there with Paul McGinley as a leader of men.


During my time in England in the first half of the last decade there appears to be nothing but apathy to the English team. Gareth has been a class act since taking over in fairness to him and reconnected the team with the general public.

He has reclaimed what it means to be English from sham artists like Nigel Farage and Boris and turned it into something proactive again


Button up the top collar and wait in line without complaining

Footballs coming home

He stabbed big Sam in the back when he took the job. It should be the former Limerick City boss leading out England on Sunday

A good man. That’s all any of us should strive to be.

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A leader of men

He’s just a man. That other men can respect and admire. Should they follow is up to them.

Southgate’s greatest strength is in recognising his own limitations, but yet challenging himself to push back those limitations. To listen to other people, and have a quiet confidence that he can choose the right way better through listening to others, and when he thinks something is the right way, to follow that way. He is a persuader.

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He has done more for the ideal of Englishness in a short span that many have aspired and failed to do so in a lifetime and beyond. For all such an ideal entails, that is no small feat

Thread title should be Sir Gareth Southgate.

It’s all a load of bollocks. He comes across as a nice man but if England conceded because he took off Grealish in extra time to bring on a defender in a game they were dominating he’d have been lynched and called a joke, too conservative and too boring.


Gareth Southgate is open. He recognises his privilege. And he does not take challenges to the privilege he grew up with as a personal challenge to him. He is a good man.

To be visionary now is to be so humble. Would that we had such a figure this side of that patronising and infested Sea

Stephen Kenny is a good man. He may be a terrible manager, but he is a good man.

@The_Selfish_Giant look at that Irwin cunt pile in at Southgate at the end.

surprised its just the Dutch that hate him tbh