Gary Neville haters will be pleased

He has signed a one year deal with Manchester United. :frowning:

Purely a financial decision. If he left the club it would probably have cost them more to surgically remove his head from Alex Fergusons hole than it would to give him a new deal.



Tremendous :smiley:

The Runt has put in some performance this week in fairness.

Although he had a lot of help from Dunph which I am sure he will acknowledge himself.

I am pleased.

Runt = employee of the week.

With the recent defections the site has experienced, Runt has stepped things up a notch or two. :clap:

The great man is in the United reserve squad for the match against Shamrock Rovers tomorrow. :clap:

He has retired from football with immediate effect.

:angry: Was hoping he was dead.

Get used to him on sky. :lol:

He might pop up there, but he’ll not be a permanent fixture, he’s unable to hide his hatred for certain clubs, and fans wont tolerate him. Not as lovable as the clotheshorse Jamie.

He will be the anti-redknapp. He has commentated on Mutv youth cup matches before and was very good. He could do the Gray role well. He has his ipad badge test next week.


Hes joined Twitter. I hope he gives out a load of abuse to anyone that challenges him.!/GNev2

He’s displayed several examples of banterism and wit there.

The United lads are out in force tonight. :lol:

Savage and himself having a good go at each other!

Lets all play tribute to Gary Neville tonight. :clap: