GDPR Discussion

Mary should know better but if Daithi had an ounce of decency he’d contact her and give her a 5 minute overview of GDPR and set her straight… but no… he’ll be the bigger man on social media.



this wanker actually took the data subjects from a restricted enough GDPR breach and published it on the Internet :joy::joy::joy:

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Daithi will be on that housing list a long while

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The sense of ‘faux outrage’ from the sap, must have very little to worry about.

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DPC survey to examine sports clubs’ data protection awareness and understanding | 13/02/2024 | Data Protection Commission.

Jaysus, are we still going on about GDPR? The uproar about the whatsapp groups died down fairly quickly when Covid hit.


What a pain in the bollox and opportunity for the awkward squad to be a nuisance.