General Election Thurs 24th May

So that’s when its going to be

I think its a crazy decision to have it on a Thursday. It should be on a Saturday or Sunday when people are off work so as to give them the maximum opportunity to vote.

Maybe its a ploy so that not everyone will vote - sickening really

Also the election was called at 6 o’clock this morning so that Fianna Fail could get the prime positions for posters in the city centre.

Was it for this…?

think it was called at 6am 'cos FF had to get the President to dissolve the Dail and she was flying out of the country early this morning and would be gone for the week.

Also i believe FF didn’t do particularly well in the 18-24 category last time around so having it on a thursday makes sense - students in college in dublin etc so can’t get back down the country to vote and those who can make it to a polling station will likely be going on the piss after college so a lot of them just won’t bother.

Interesting points there farmer. I was driving around Leinster today and the amount of FF posters being put up was incredible. They seemed to have all prime positions and their posters far outnumbered all the other parties put together. Hopefully they get their come upons on election day.
I have little doubt that having election on Thursday suits FF. They have probably spent thousands researching such things.

The announcement was certainly bizarre timing - chosen at the time when it would be most difficult for other parties to mobilise their staff. Does the extra couple of hours headstart really make all that much difference to them? Apparently so.

I’ve never hoped the blueshirts would win anything in my life but I cannot hope for anything other than a Fianna Fil loss in the next election - whatever that takes.