Georgios Samaras Appreciation Thread

Georgios review films for the official Celtic website:

I have seen this trilogy about 10 times. I would just sit in for two days straight and watch them all in one go. They are very big films in the movie world and are very long too. I watched the first two in the cinema and I was speechless, but I saw the third one on DVD. It is up there as one of the highest Oscar-winning films of all-time with Titanic. I haven’t read the books, though, because if I see the movie first I can’t go on to then read it. If I see a movie is coming in a few months from now I will read the book before seeing it, but I never do it the other way around. People say books are better but if I know the story then I can’t focus.

Each character is normal and easy to relate to. They could be someone you walk past on the street. They could be your neighbour or a workmate as the stories are all so real. It shows how we all live our lives every day. Okay, they have the Prime Minister in it as well, but he can fall in love too, so it is nice. I don’t have a favourite story because they are all special for different reasons. You see that love is all around in all different ways, no matter what job you do, what colour your skin is, what language you speak or what country you are in. It is a must-see at Christmas time.

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A lovely lad and he plays with passion against the hun vermin.

The must underrated thread on this forum.

A God amongst us mere mortals.

I adore this man.

I think I might have said this before but I’m not sure if I said it here.

I have a pretty sweet life carved out for myself, but what I’d do to be Gorgeous Georgios, even just for one day.

What a lovely guy.

My favourite player in the history of football.

What a brilliant goal just now.

Please don’t go. Please don’t go. Cos I want Sammy to know…

I don’t know how I read the thread title but I clicked through expecting to see some nice pictures or Georgia salpa, very disappointing

Samaras told the Celtic view: "When I started playing football, I always wanted to stay at a club for many years. I didn’t want to change clubs like other players do, moving every two or three years.

"I wanted to love a club and for it to love me back, so they could remember me for something. This club for me is Celtic.

"I have seen players coming here for six months, one year or two years and maybe they have played 60-70 games and they won’t be remembered.

"I couldn’t imagine when I first came here on loan for six months that I would stay for another six years. It’s a great achievement to play 250 games but it is just a number.

"I have tried my best and tried to help my team mates be successful. But the most important thing is that it’s good for me to know that I have a connection at the club and that’s really important. I am not a passenger.

"I started my career in Holland and stayed for five years and had a bond with that club and I wanted my next step to be similar.

"That didn’t happen at Man City but from the moment I came here on loan as the season finished, I was 100 per cent sure that this was the club I wanted to be at.

"If you see souvenirs, I have from football - awards, hat-trick balls, medals and trophies - they are all from Celtic. When I retire I will have my hall of fame and everything there will be Celtic.


Is Samaras staying or going?

Maybe not next season, but Samaras will end up in the A League soon. His grandfather was a founder of one of the leading junior clubs in Melbourne and he has many relatives there. Quite apart from a massive Greek population in Melbourne. I can’t wait to see him at Blue Tongue stadium.

[QUOTE=“Rudi, post: 824499, member: 1052”]What a lovely guy.

This was the little guy who Sammy brought around the pitch at full time on Sunday.


I see those fucking cunts at lifted this from TFK.

Utter wankstains.

Any chance of Samaras staying? I can’t contemplate life without him.

[QUOTE=“Il Bomber Destro, post: 945078, member: 2533”]I see those fucking cunts at lifted this from TFK.

Utter wankstains.[/QUOTE]

Celtic fans watch this and stick with it until the very end when Jay’s Dad’s quote appears on the screen. I’m in tears here. Samaras leaving Celtic has devastated me.

I’m in awe at the beauty of the man.

[QUOTE=“To Be Confirmed, post: 952483, member: 9”]Celtic fans watch this and stick with it until the very end when Jay’s Dad’s quote appears on the screen. I’m in tears here. Samaras leaving Celtic has devastated me.

What a beautiful person.

He’s joining everton on a free lads