Gerry Ryan's Daughter

Sunday Independent

By NIAMH HORAN Entertainment News Reporter Exclusive
Sunday Sep 19 2010

THE eldest daughter of legendary broadcaster Gerry Ryan is to follow in her father’s footsteps by hosting a new TV show.

The Sunday Independent can exclusively reveal that Lottie Ryan, 24, has done a deal with RTE bosses that is set to make her one of the station’s biggest names.

The Ryan family was celebrating this weekend after the bright young star learned that she would be given a slot on the afternoon schedules. Sources close to the Ryan family revealed that they were “over the moon” at Lottie’s appointment to the national airwaves.

One said: "We’re delighted. Gerry would have been so proud. It’s a great day for all of them.

"She’s going in on a trial basis. She had a dry run in the studio and they were very happy with her.

“She’s got the flair like her dad, she’s a real natural. We all think she has a bright future in RTE.”

The news comes after the pretty brunette was approached by a number of Irish radio stations in recent months to go on air as a DJ. These include new Dublin rock station Radio Nova 100.3fm. At the time, Nova CEO David Tighe said: “I saw a picture of Lottie in the paper rocking out with a guitar and, given her background, I’d say she would be a natural on the radio.”

But the media graduate, who worked as an intern last year in the American network CBS for four months, is said to have long harboured a keen interest in television.

As a source close to the budding star revealed: “Everyone has great belief in Lottie. She’s got natural flair and talent.”

"Gerry would have loved to see Lottie follow in his footsteps, and there’s no better woman to carry the torch.

"We all think she’ll go down a storm with the public. There’s a great likeability factor to her. And there’s a bold streak of her father that runs through her character.

"Listening to Lottie, it’ll feel like we have a little part of him back.

“She has the best qualities of both parents, she is chatty like her dad was and she is quirky like her mom. She is a great kid with a strong personality.”

Speaking earlier this year about the prospect of following in her dad’s footsteps she said: “Obviously, I know my way around a radio studio but it’s not where my personal passion is. Those shoes are too big to fill. Television is where my passion lies.”

Lottie recently accepted an award on behalf of her father when he was posthumously honoured for his unique contribution to Irish radio over 30 years at a star-studded People of the Year ceremony, which was hosted by Grainne Seoige.

The legendary Ryan, who died suddenly in April, was honoured for his “unrivalled broadcasting skills which ranged effortlessly from the utterly sensitive and intimate to the fantastically flamboyant and theatrical”.

Ah lovely!!!

Wow, what a ballsy, and completely unexpected move by rte.
Still, I suppose she coundn’t possibly be as bad as her ould fella on tv.

I’m sure she got this on merit. :rolleyes:


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