Getting IM messages from gimps

Do any of ye ever get them?

Just got one there off the Mirror Man who sends messages to me regularly which i ignore. He sent me a message just there saying:

“I must visit you in Limerick some day, Kevin.”

now & again get some obscure ones

watchyyourtoes & mirror man have sent odd ones

like you i ignored them

Watchyourtoes took umbrage with a comment i made a few months ago and told me privately he was going to take me down, or something to that effect. I’m still standing.

In fairness he came to his senses fairly quickly and mentioned nothing more of it until last week when he invited me into his shop in Limerick for a fight.

Mirror Man is a bit of a freak now in fairness, id say he must be a young lad high in Disprins.

he isnt really on my radar to be honest but every now & again he messages me wsaying “time for a truce” ?odd considering he is such a nobody & ive never been in a disagreement with anyone here

:lol: :lol: