Gitt Letzeburg

Climb aboard lads, tis grand over here. All are welcome, all are welcome


Looks lovely. What’s the standard of hurling like?


Royalist pig

We won the European championship 3 years ago but Brussels are the powerhouse and rarely don’t win it.
We keep them honest every tournament though and the odd other time Amsterdam or the Hague might do the same.

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I was in Luxembourg for a day around 5 years ago.

You’re a sound skin Piles, enjoy this evening.

With 5 minutes to go before curfew, the streets are emptying very quickly after the wild celebrations*

*Dramatisation. May not have happened

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This isn’t about you, this is @Piles_Hussain’s night.

Fair point. I’m sorry.

It’s ok lads. It’s a night for the little guy (even though it was a bigger little guy we beat).

Is that Luxembourg City? Looks quite nice. I have lots of dealings with Luxembourg but I’ve never been. In my head I always pictured it being flatter.

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The statue pic and the bottom 2 are the city which itself is built on a valley and while the country wouldn’t be mountainous, relatively speaking I reckon its not as flat as the other 2 in the region.

I can confirm Luxembourg is a lovely place. Very nice city.

Lovely city. Was there for day in 99 as a young lad. Do you live there @Piles_Hussain ?

Here nearly 10 year now. Grand spot altogether.

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Lovely city. Are they dancing on the streets of the Grand Duchy today?

Nope. All walking as slowly as usual. Pity the pubs are closed, might be a bit of craic around the place otherwise.

Is it an expensive city for tourists? Thinking of heading there for a weekend.

Isn’t cheap, especially in regards to accommodation so get that done as early as ye can. Drink not cheap and guinness is at least 8€ a pint anywhere i think - I’m not a guinness supper - the local brews will get you there quicker and give you a killer hangover- Diekirch or Bofferding.
All public transport within the country’s borders is free though so there’s that.

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Good man :+1: