Glasgow Celtic shame

NCC has over a long period of time posted numerous stuff about the GGA paedo shame, links to Ryan report etc.

For a bit of balance I thought this thread might be useful. I googled Glasgow Celtic shame there - there was the usual links to throwing bananas at black players, anti semitism against Israeli clubs, fighting with themselves on a recent trip to Lincoln, chants about Claudio Reyna post 9/11 not to mention general bigotry which is to be expected.

However I was shocked to read an interview from former Scottish international Alan Brazil. Brazil along with two other players was sexually assaulted by former Glasgow Celtic youths manager Jim Torbett. The ruling Kelly family at the time of the trial in 1996 backed Torbett during the trial. Brazil reckoned that Jock Stein wasnt aware of allegations against Torbett but that the Kelly’s were and felt the reason why he wasnt ever signed by Glasgow Celtic was due to Torbett’s influence.

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Why would ncc care what happens within the confines of a scotch diveball club?

Apparently this bigoted, paedophile concealing, Brit army supporting, Glaswegian club is the last bastion of Irish republicanism. Ergo NCC and John Reid etc are life long supporters.

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Ah FFS this shit has been brought up numerous times on TFK over the years, get with it. Very sloppy research from Kib here.

He brought it up last week but has to keep bumping it himself because he was ignored. He’s a sad sad case.

Got this on Whatsapp there…

Jim Torbett , founder of the boys club and scout,abused boys, was kicked out of the club and the club kept it quiet.He returned to the club when Jock Stein, the guy who kicked him out, died.
Torbett served a sentence for the first period.These new allegations relate to his second time at the club.He appearead in court in Glasgow last week.Torbett’s company The Trophy Centre, employed two Celtic directors Kevin Kelly and Jack McGinn.

Frank Cairney,head of the boys club, appeared in court last week charged with historical offense.He was charged years ago at the same time as Torbett but 3 boys withdrew their evidence at the trial.

Jim McCafferty Celtic kit man for over ten years currently in jail in Belfast waiting trial for crimes against children in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

John Cullen 30 years official photographer at Celtic convicted a few years ago of indecent images of children.

Gerald King head of Celtic boys club appeared in court last month in Glasgow on historic child sex abuse case.

Gerry McCann worked for Celtic in the mid 90’s when Tommy Burns was manager.
See CMOMM thread 20 09 2012 by butterfly: Doctor Gerry in Glasgow ,when and why did he come south?

John Reid was Home Secretary when MBM went missing and he later became Chairman of Celtic due to his long standing association with the club.

John Mcglynn

If any of you are aware Celtic Football Club has a peodophile problem. Its been Scotland worse kept secret for decades, but no mainstream media will go near the story, rumours of political cover ups, catholic church, media all helping them out have been rife for decades. But in the past couple of weeks, 5 old Celtic employee’s are in jail awaiting trial one of which was already convicted for his actions with the boys club lads and re-employed by the club, with the full knowledge of what had happened by this time directors and allsorts where rumoured to have been involved. Even the likes of Jimmy Saville and Cardinal Keith o Brien where regular visitors.All through the years breakthoughs where made and u thought good its going to come out, finally justice but no, it always seemed to slip away UNDER THE CARPET AGAIN. Anyway looks like now its possibly all going to come out.
On to Gerry, historically Celtic as a club have always attached themselves to causes to gain good public affection they are so merciless at this they have become known as “the ambulance chasers”. So why are they not all over the find maddie campaign when afterall this is right up there steet to fawn fake public attention, when infact there club doctor in 2000 who seem’s to have been wiped from the clubs memory was none other than Gerry McCann who at the time of moving from Scotland to England was rumoured to have been placed on some register. Could Gerry be another of the Celtic peodophile ring if so seeing the way the Catholic church and certain politicians have protected the institution that is Celtic could these very people be protecting the McCanns. People in Glasgow are fully investigating the goings on at Celtic and for some reason Gerry Mcann is popping into it .


Are you shocked?

Strange WhatsApp group alright,

There are some fairly massive jumps made there :joy:


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There’ll be uproar if Gerry McCann shows up at Celtic Park tonight.

Absolute uproar.

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Never knew that Jimmy Saville was a Glasgow Celtic fan.


C4 News has been utterly devastating on this in the last two nights - it is incumbent on all Celtic supporters to demand the unvarnished truth no mattter the cost to the club.

There must be no instututional closing of ranks.

I hope other Celtic supporters will agree.

Celtic FC faces a major reckoning over this.

The Ra love a bit of paedo protecting

The Irish state did it for generations.

The GAA is the sporting wing of the IRA, not Celtic FC.