Glyphosate - Back in the news again


They’ll probably get about $25 each in reality


Great news for Guinness drinkers

cc @farmerinthecity @Batigol

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Says the fella who powersprayed Douglas with bleach the other day

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I did no such thing … the power from the hose was actually enough.

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the lawyers are rolling in it now

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I put round up down on the weeds in the driveway Sunday morning.


+1. How else would you keep weeds down? Snowflake cunts.

Lights a fag.

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Israel folau?


Issy is said to be a surprisingly gentle lover.

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It gives the weeds cancer. Sure where else would you get it.


You couldn’t keep the fuckers down this weather.

Any other potions useable other than Roundup though? I saw something about Vinegar mixed with Salt working but does it kill the cunts in reality?




well need a poll on that

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Mulching with bark works for flower beds -bags of it in aldi for 2 euro.


The council will give it to you for free if you’ll collect it.

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Thanks lads but I was asking @Fagan_ODowd


You’d want to hurry…


that’s certainly top 40


Its time lads took a step back and not get too bothered about a few weeds growing in their driveway.
Let the place go to hell.

Who are ye trying to impress anyway?