God Bless Ryle Nugent Thread

Bernard, Mick and Michael talking to Darragh Moloney ahead of two great Irish boxers in the European finals, great to see on a Saturday evening on the national broadcaster for once. :clap:

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Conlon is a class act

Scoring system really doesn’t make for good television. Fight was won after round 2 barring a total catastrophe.

It was in fairness, I still reckon it’s better then the older scoring system the aggressor is being recognised at least unlike the last Olympics

Great win for Conlan. His third major medal.

The supervisor is a cracker

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Delighted for Conlon, your one was Bulgarian class

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I had Ali winning that as well.

Savage fight wasn’t it.

The Russian anthem is a belter

Ward is a class act

Tears in Jimmy’s eyes here

he is anything but
jesus, ure some eejit at times

You know as much about ward as you do geary so get fucked.

Ryle and the boys must be as sick as dogs at the minute.
50 years broadcasting underachievement and now the rugby lads win a glorious World Cup on TV3s watch.


what about the soccer draw ? surely they will have something exciting for the soccer crowd to look forward to and discuss on sunday

What happened to the GAA championship draws?

RTE were supposed to be covering them LIVE on October 9th.

They’re on this Thursday