Golf Betting


Sensational stuff.


Missed it lads,what did he do?


Absolutely insane putt. Something akin to woods at the 16th but didn’t chip it.



He pulled it out, good lad Rors :ronnyroar:


Two bogeys on the closing stretch for Lowry. Looks like @Woogie made the right call on lack of fitness being a major issue for the fat Offaly cunt despite all the vitriol he took on Twitter.


He must eat like a horse. Walking 5km+ 4 times a week and still being that size. He’s codding himself if he thinks his size doesn’t adversely affect his golf. He need only look at the lads that are the best.


He’s some fat cunt. If you ever need definitive proof that golf isn’t a sport (it isn’t by the way - cc @gilgamboa) then point to a picture of that obese bastard.


He walks away more than that. He should carry the bag himself burn a few more calories.

Said it here few weeks ago but he’s probably afraid to try and lose all the weight in case he needs to completely rebuild his swing.


Probably true but it’s a strange mind-set to have. He’s obviously a natural golfer so to be in better physical shape would help his game. Laziness or stubbornness. Carrying timber like that around in hot, sticky conditions takes it’s toll by Sunday afternoon.


Yeah definitely does. All top players now in decent nick.

Not swinging out around the belly be a substantial change for him


Hoffman is a local boy to Augusta.

When I used to bet on sporting events I always threw a few euro on him each way in Augusta thinking he might come good eventually.

No doubt he’ll fade to the middle of the field when the pressure builds over the weekend.


He’s from California and lives in Las Vegas, he went to college there. How the fuck is that local?






I’m checking now but I seem to remember articles before about him have vast local knowledge of Augusta.

I’m in the road here now so I’ll check it as soon as I get a chance.



Yeah I mixing him up with someone else.

Sorry pal.

Even more glad I didn’t bet now :slight_smile:


I think you might be mixing him up with someone like Russell Henley.


He cuts the grass there during the week.