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What is the golf ball roll back thing causing such a scandal in golf and why does Rory think it will imrpve sustainability

Limiting distance = less area to maintain/irrigate etc

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Jon Rahm is supposedly about to join LIV, which apparently still exists.

If he’s getting the rumoured 300 million he’d be mad not to at this stage

So Golf is going for the make sliothars heavier route? At least I’m guessing what that’s what it is. I have no idea.

Paddy thinks a lot about golf. If he was a soccer player you would imagine he is one who would be able for the jump to management

Something wonderful about the early pga tour events in a calendar year usually played in a paradise type location.

Thinking of @Faldo tonight too who would nearly always come up with a good bet that would keep you interested for the weekend.

Won’t be long until the masters comes around.


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I would have thought that kind of landholding around Curracloe would be astronomical in cost? @Mac @Gman @wexicans etc

I think the land has been sitting waiting for development for years with planning granted years ago. Not sure if Neville’s had it that long but maybe they picked it up cheap.

Article here says as far back as 25 years ago. It’ll be a savage boost to the local economy

The Ravenport Resort. Sounds super-WASPy

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Not cheap there alright. Im working on a project just down the road from that hotel/golf course and the house was bought for half a million. Whole thing was demolished and new house being built, so basically buying a site to be able to build on for that. Hotel seems to be progressing well.

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Listening to the no laying podcast the towel heads have done some number on golf.

Ratings for the genesis open plummeted again.

Nobody even knows Liv is on. Think Anthony Kim is back next Month.

This crowd of spanners are in the lead on LIV. You can sign up to become a fan of Legion XIII.

Never knew Hatton had gone to Liv

I Listening to some poor cunt on a podcast there and he said it’s a hard pill to swallow that Jon rahm joined Liv because he was getting paid more money to play less golf.

I listened to this recently. A great book. LIV fairly outmanoeuvred the PGA

I’m not sure these Saudis are all bad by the looks of it

They have too much money