Golf Thread


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How’s you go?

Very nice front nine, but my lack of golf since Covid meant I fell to pieces. Hit 95 in total but was 6 over at the turn

Good shooting chief.

Nothing wrong with 95 considering lack of game time. Fair front nine only +6

Bit damp but shure…

The ticket ballot for next year’s Open in Portrush is open fyi of any of the forum interested

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Is the Cashen course at Ballybunion nice? Is it worth the €125 they’re asking for?

I don’t know what your frame of reference is on cost and what is value or not… but it is a brilliant course. As with most places you will think it’s good value if you played well

I haven’t played the old course but friends who have would say the cashen is easier and far fairer test

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I wouldn’t pay that for it tbh

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I hope we have no members of the
Miltown golf club :rofl:

Played it a good few times. What’s the story?

Bob MacIntyre wins the Scottish Open by a shot with a birdie on the 18th.

He got a highly questionable free drop from rough on 16th and poor Adam Scott will be sick when he sees what transpired there.

McIntyre seems like one of good guys
Some great scenes a few weeks back when he won with his dad on the bag…momentum is a great thing two wins now in little over a month

Momentum is not the best thing to have in golf. Brings it’s own pressures

Kimmage has some horn for golf.

del bosque soccer GIF by Fusion


Id say this is the worst story I’ve ever heard


A different kind of golf today.