Golf Thread


Short game is tidy. Driving is another thing.


Whats wrong with the drives bud, maroon’ll sort ya right out


One of the top top golfers in the world hit his ball onto a freeway today, and into a lads fucking back yard :grinning:


I’m having my annual game of golf today :clap:


Play well, pal.


I won’t mate, but the format of the game (a scramble) means its somewhat suitable for lads like me who can only putt the ball.


If you can putt the ball you could actually be a better golfer than mcilcunt


Played Donald’s place yesterday, more enjoyable than I remember it being last time. Greens not up to scratch yet since the remodeling though.


Covers over your woods - Lah Di Dah…


My bag was on my back lad. Caddy carts are for oul fellas


Same here. Clubs banging and clanking all over the shop but fuck it, I’m cool with the bag on my back!


Course looks well


And I am off for my annual game this afternoon, out wesht Limerick way.


Hope to get a few holes in myself this eve…serious day for it…


Playing Doonbeg tomorrow week. Got a twilight rate for €50 which isn’t too bad. Should just about get the 18 in. Any tips or local knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

Have never played links golf before and have a tendency to hit moon balls or shots with high loft so dont want to make a complete fool of myself. Might play Kilkee down the road the day before to get a feel for it.


Forgot to add I dont tend to hit it straight either. Ball tends to fade/slice off the tee.


You don’t need to be hitting driver on a lot of the par fours, a good few of them are blind and you end up in trouble if you go for it. I enjoyed the last time I was there, thought it was much-improved when I played it.


Played it before. Nice track. Lahinch is superior I would say. The two of them are my only experiences of links golf. Links is a bit of craic. Don’t be ballooning the ball. Keep her low and play under the wind as much as you can. It’s a bit like crazy golf* at times in that you are using the landscape (hills, ridges, etc.) to direct your ball. The ball will run on and on…

*I’m sure proper golfers on this forum would disagree.


Played Doonbeg this morning. Heavenly day for it. Lost about 6 balls. 2 on the reacheable par 4 6th got a watery grave. But I was just there for the walk and serenity really. Greens imcredibly slow and signature 14th wasn’t in play but great experience.

Morrisseys later for a chowder, pint of Guinness and steak to cap off a great weekend.


Moon ball?