Golf Thread


Yeah I have a high ball flight. Hence the moonballs. I could have been there until tomorrow and I wouldn’t have hit the fairway on the 6th. Severe mental block. Had a twilight rate for €50 yesterday but got stuck behind a load of yanks amd their entourage so asked could I come out first thing this morning. They were fairly good about it.

Was talking to a fella called Tony Pender. Former prison guard in portlaoise, won 7 county medals with Doonbeg and most notably sold most of his land to what is now known as Trump international. Sound man. Couldn’t get over the amount of left handers playing. There was one 4 ball and they were all playing left handed.

For non locals to join its a one off €70k and €3.5k a year thereafter. They have had a bumper year apparently.


Jason Day getting his apparel from Nike.

Soul sold…


Got ten in this morning, absolutely glorious day on the Clare Riviera


Thats a magnificient vista.

Is it closed to non members this time of year?

Are the greens still hairy? played there twice last summer and you really had to hit the putts.


Ah there’s a few green fees about alright, but usually guests of members. Greens were slow but they wouldn’t be cutting them much in January to be fair.


Anyone see this new Bryson DeChambeau putting technique? One of the daftest things I have seen on a golf course.


Some of the putts he rolls in… It seems to work for him anyway. I couldn’t say I would master it though… Having said that my putting usually couldn’t be worse as its largely society golf I play these days


I picked up a Taylor Made White smoke putter which has a mallet head. I had been using a blade putter for years. I have been making more 15-20 foot putts than I ever have and now expect to hole out from 6-8 feet each time. It was easily the worst part of my game but I have cut 4 or 5 shots from each round.


Good to know… Might be worth a try. What sort of € you talking?


You’d probably spend €60 on a second hand one. Odyssey one is good as well.

Even with poorly struck putts the Taylor made putter is very forgiving and still works out relatively OK.
Part of it is probably in the mind as well insofar as you convince yourself you will start holing more putts after upgrading equipment. Whatever it is anyway I went from never really holing 20 foot putts to maybe 1 sometimes 2 a round , making more par putts from 6-8 feet and missing less 2-4 foot putts.


Donald would want to get a move on and #buildthatwall


Jaysus sake & straw scarce as fuck.


Liam Doran of the INMO in some lovely Footjoy gear here on the news.


Rory :honeybee:


Back playing again this weekend. 30 months or so after my last 18 holes. Weather looks good, plan to play 18 holes in Wicklow golf club tomorrow afternoon


Morning guys, hope all is well in the office :golfer:
cc @Bad_Winner Nothing west of Ennis my eye


That The Old Course?


I played my first game of golf in two years at Christmas. Haven’t played since but booked into Ballybunion for May 9th. Hope to get a round in somewhere beforehand


Yep, the par 3 8th


Only played it once. What’s the par 3 where you can’t see the green really from the tee?