Golf Thread


Putting used to kill me too. You need to do drills, practice practice practice. Go to a putting green, three balls, put from 3, 6 & 9 foot on the same line. No two putts, if you do, back to the start. Another one is three balls again and make you’re way around the holes. Any three putts, start again.



And taking fucking photos for the other half


Is tralee that good lads…any of us played Galway bay?a lad I was chatting too reckons they are sim. Few of us thinking of going away for a few days and I’m wondering if it’s a good option.tralee itself is a bit of a shit hole?


Yes Tralee is outstanding. If you dont want to stay in tralee you could go to Killarney v handy its 45 mins. There are a few lovely cheaper golf options near tralee if ye were there for a few days ceann sibeal is top notch little links in dingle and great value (and better than galway bay). Also a little 9 hole links in castlegregory is worth a visit


Cheers @gilgamboa…I played that place down in dingle two years ago.not bad alright.looking to play over two days on two decent courses. 12 of us going…played Lough erne recently and was impressed enough with it.few nice courses around there too…


Ye’ll need someone to get ye in unless ye want to be paying top dollar green fees. Or Tony Finau better do the business for all of ye at Wells Fargo.


If ye willing to spend money look up hogs head in wville. Might be a comp mid week or something. I linked it above. Else ballybunion or killarney both have good options within shortish spin


Tralee is special. I had that same impression initially before I went there about Tralee being a shit hole but this course is 15 minutes outside Tralee. Its more in Fenit and runs along the Ballheigue, Barrow and Banna strands. Place is full of history from a submerged submarine, castle ruins, Ryans Daughter to Roger Casement. Best course I have ever played in Ireland and I have played most. Maybe stay somewhere like Listowel or Killarney. We stayed one night in Listowel Arms and 2 nights in Brehon in Killarney. I’d recommend both. I couldnt care less about ever playing Ballybunion again but I’m already planning next trip to Tralee. Dooks deserves very honourable mention as well and if you have time make the trip to Glenbeigh. If you just walk in any time of hour or day it will be quiet and wont charge you more than 50 quid to play there.


Cheers for that lads…


Played Roganstown today. Very well kept course if a bit non descript


Played it a few years ago and was well looked it still in good nick.its a bit short if memory serves me correct


5 par threes on it


Jesus I rem it been driver wedge in a lot of holes.totally forgot about that


US golfer Lucas Glover’s wife arrested for domestic violence for allegedly attacking husband and his mother after poor round


was reading that last night…she even looks like a mad cunt…


In her defence she apparently shouted “fore” and then launched into the attack.


Tralee isn’t great but it isn’t that bad that Listowel becomes nessecary


Lahinch GC to host the 2019 Irish Open according to the chatter at home. Surprised they got it this quick, major infrastructural work required around the area imo.

July 4th-7th the mooted dates apparently.


Would have been on in Adare but they couldn’t commit to early July dates due to the parades.