Golf Thread


Green fees are mental for all the decent links courses. €210 now for high season in Lahinch, Waterville & Ballybunion. Hard to justify for the average Joe.


Yeah got it for €40 with the society. It was windy there yesterday but a relatively flat course.

Not a massive lover of links as it doesn’t suit my game and I hadn’t played a round since last July but I went with a new approach to my game yesterday and end up with 28 points and runner up in my category. Used only 4 clubs for 95% of my strokes and it served me well.


4 clubs is all you need around there alright. 28 playing off?


The women’s tee




21 handicap in the society, dont play enough to justify the expense of joining a club for a GUI handicap.

Played 5 rounds of golf last year in total but hope to play a bit more this year.


Youd get distance membership somewhere for 200 quid. Well worth it for the gui you could play ypur pick of courses for half nothing in open singles comps.

I havent played in 2 years too much of a time committment and I cant play for shit unless im at it regularly enough


Paul Dunne is painfully slow


Think roganstown/swords open has a ridiculously cheap membership fee for the purpose of getting a gui handicap. Just out the back of the airport.



3 wood, 7 iron, wedge and putter… and repeat


Had a superb week down in Kerry playing in the social media open. Format was 4 day stableford 2 player team event using 3/4 handicaps. Played Cashen, Ballybunion old, Dooks and Tralee in that order. In order of preference I would go Tralee and Dooks 1 and 2. Would defintely go back to play both. Would take or leave Ballybunions 2 courses but that could have been as much to do with weather, opponents etc than the courses themselves. Cashen though was a pain to play. Ridiculous course layout and elevated greens and blind shots on every hole. Seemed to spend half the day looking for mine or one of the other 3 balls.

Uploading… Uploading…



Tralee is the best course in the country.

There is a new club open in Waterville called Hogs head. On old skellig bay which used to be a complete bog. They have spent unreal cash overhauling it. Green fee is 300 quid. Good feature on it here.

One v interesting point is that course manager said course was designed so fellas could play to their handicap i.e. its relatively easy. A great selling point when you think about it


Whereszat john


That one is Dooks down in Glenbeigh. Very underrated or unheralded course perhaps because it hasnt been traipsed upon by countless Americans. There is a rustic feel to the place which only adds to it. Was playing in the elements and was quite cold and beaten up when I went into the clubhouse. I asked the barman do they do soup to which he pointed at the beer taps and said in a thick Kerry accent “thats the only soup you’ll get around here”. Out of all 4 I think the views in Dooks are unrivalled. Panoramic 360 degree views which the course comfortably sits in.


Thats a fantastic pic, you’ve a natural eye for it. Glad to hear you survived that unfunny and unpleasant encounter at the bar. What are playing off?


I agree on Tralee. Best course I have ever played. Just so happened to be best golf I have ever played as well. Front nine builds up confidence levels and we brought that into the back nine which is more undulating and protected by countless dunes. Shot a good score. Incredibly beautiful place. Not a sinner to be seen on Barrow, Ballyheigue and Banna strand.


I’m only off 14. I can get from tee to green fairly well but have only got back into the game after a few years off. Putting is my achilles heel. Miss too many from 3 to 6 feet to get to single figures.


Get fitted for a putter and get one that suits your stroke.