Golf Thread




Ardagh (NCW GC)
Adare Manor GC (ie not JPs place)




Good to be back in the greatest golfing country on earth


Was up your way today, hadn’t played here before.


Wheres that bro, salthill? they watered the fairways anyways. I had this to deal with


Galway GC it is, tight enough track alright. Played Galway Bay today, twas in great nick.


Portmarnock Links.


Years since i played salthill, over rated. Galway bay blows it out of the water. Mind you without a breeze to protect it its very playable.


Nope, a budget equivalent. Have to say north county dublin is a fantastic spot.




Yep. Short and tight but a good test. The run on was unreal, 6/7 iron off most tees.


Corballis is a savage spot barring 3 or 4 poor holes on the back 9. Views are unreal


Yeah dunno how they fit the back 9 in, basically used two fairways for four holes. Front nine and the views are dynamite.


Who are these two auld cunts commentating o the golf on RTÉ. One of them sounds barely alive


Aithníonn ciaróg ciaróg eile…


myself and @Boxtyeater were called in at short notice.


The Kilmalkock accent is very polished.


the right end of the town.


I thought when I said “He’s in a sheough” instead of a drain was a bit of a giveaway.