Golf Thread



Played it 2 weeks ago myself. It’s prob the best course in the West. Greens were glass


Played Newcastlewest for a finish. Nice course, wouldn’t mind going back again when it isn’t as dry later in the year.


Years since I played it but always was a decent track


i hit a bucket of balls there this morning around 11am and I was drowned in sweat.


Some hate for golfing in and the run off on fairways is ridiculous.

Also tickets now on sale for the open in portush next year for yere information


Adare Manor will surely get an irish open soon?


Small adare?


Protestant enclave Adare ?


The one out the front built to lure in tourists? If the other adare, yes it will surely. At 400 plus a round it has all sorts of notions!


Dooks looking fair scalded


Jesus thats insane


I played there about a month ago it was just starting to go brown.



Playing castle troy on it any good lads or just average enough?


It’s Castletroy,meh it’s alright.7/10.


Good test imo, played it last week, greens were in great nick


Course was in good condition but serious lack of markers,hole lay out and distance.lot of trees and one or two nice holes,the high par 3 comes to mind.a few b52s a d f16s flew over head while we were there


Christ jesus