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Waterford lads would also say Stephen Brenner is playing ‘on’ goal rather than ‘in’ goal. No idea why

I’ve heard ‘read on the paper’ rather than ‘in the paper’ down there, which is similar enough. A De La Salle man I coached with was great for ‘Don’t leave him out’ if an opposition corner-back got the ball. He was also prone to exhort ‘Keep Sniggin’ when the ball was on the ground and I’m still not exactly sure what he really meant by that!

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A snig is a litle flick a defender would use to knock the ball away from an attacker. Pat O Dwryer and John Henderson of Kilkenny were good exponents of the snig

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Sniggin’ away at cutting hedges, pulling butts of haycocks etc. a semi-rural idiom.
Loosely translated it means you were tipping away in a passive-aggressive fashion with reserves in the tank for a prolonged siege.


@Locke will be using Sniggin’ away on his calls with his Swiss buddies


Never thought about that to be honest but yeah I’d use left a lot on that context though clearly wrong now that you mention it. I left a fella out of the car at the Bullring.

He’s not in the goal- that would be pointless. He’s on the goal ie the goal line.

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We’d have said ‘who’s on goals’ when deciding positions for a kick around (Cork)

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Can’t argue with that

We left him on goals is fine.

Informative - thanks.

Sounds like my career of late…

I would say that watching a match all the time in the same situation. Got it from the auld boy.

Didn’t cop till now they were into this “mum” shit down there as well.