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Another from the Christmas present for Uncle Fagan genre. I was sceptical enough about this one. But actually very interesting. Basically a series of interviews the author did around 2003 with survivors from revolutionary Ireland, north and south, Catholic and Protestant, with a bit of commentary and correction around their experiences and recollections. Provides a lot of additional detail around well known events of the time and new detail about events that weren’t well known at all. For example the amount of people (civilians and soldiers) killed by accidental discharges of weapons in the Civil War stands at 177. This no wonder we have such stringent gun control laws. We’re not able for the guns at all.

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Worth buying then?

I have it in my basket, just waiting for the emperor’s thumb so to speak before administering the coup de grace.

I could send it to you? I’m finished with it. Otherwise it’s going to the charity shop.

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Would you not stack all your books on shelves in an attempt to looked learned?

Most of the shelves are stacked with records. I have a couple of shelves of books that are treasured items or books that I’ll read again. Otherwise once I’ve read a book I move it on.


I will meet you in a dingy lane with the van to collect them

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That would be really generous if you really wouldn’t mind?

Don’t mind at all. Good stuff in it about the shooting of Shawe-Taylor in Athenry and the aftermath.

Would you like “Killing Thatcher” as well?

Send me on a dm with your address and I’ll get it organized.

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Would you frequent a library at all? Would you even find the books you really wanted to read in your local one? I was thinking about this a while back; I haven’t been in a library in years, but in the interests of not promoting the accumulation of more stuff, I should really check out what could be checked out at the local bibliothèque. As it happens I have gone one further and read the sum total of 2 (two) books in the last year.

As it happens it’s one of my to-dos for this year is to join the library

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I joined my local library a couple of years ago with the kids and its been excellent. No fines anymore. Also if they don’t have the book u are looking for they will order it for you from another library. Just takes a few days.


I joined online recently. I’ll probably stick to the Kindle but the library gives free access to the PressReader app which is excellent.

I subscribed to the Economist for a long time but gave up on it as some weeks I just didn’t have time to read much of it. It’s free on the app while a copy in Eason’s is 10 euro+.


What did you make of this? I never got around to picking it up pre Christmas.

The Hamas approach. Make it much worse to make it better

Just finished this. A decent read. Like you say the course of history could have been changed.

I’m not sure of the author Rory Carroll’s background but the reverential tones in which he refers to both Thatcher and Tebbitt sickened my hole a bit.

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My dad is reading it at the moment I think thanks to to kindness of @Fagan_ODowd