Good chart for cagers to reflect on

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@The_Selfish_Giant mate, important question for you.

I need to know though.

Does my EV make me a cager? Technically it is a cage but it’s not a diabolic filthy ICE cage. Ya know?

Yep you’re a cager, along with @The_Selfish_Giant

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lets not call you a cager as you arent as bad as an ICE driver

when the majority drive EVs we can start calling you a cager as there is the whole taking up space issue





id like it on the record that myself and the @thedancingbaby have had a massive fallen out since he attacked me for proposing a wild flower meadow


As I suspected.

I won’t get a wink of sleep tonight now. :frowning:

please see my post above mate- there is underlying reasons for @thedancingbaby’s stance here

I did not attack you for proposing a wild flower meadow.

I attacked you for massaging the results of a survey to suit yourself and telling lies to elected representatives on Twitter


admins, how do i block this poster?

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The last 2 times I’ve met TSG, I have been on foot and he pulled in and insisted on giving me a lift in his cage.

I kid you not



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Sorry, I shouldn’t be bringing this online.

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It’s too late, I’ve taken screen shots in case posts are deleted

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Like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman?


A shocking revelation. Like finding out Santy isn’t real.

First he’s a racist, and now he’s a cager. Things just getting worse for @The_Selfish_Giant


Nothing is ever deleted on TFK.