Good Fillums

I enjoyed john wick 4.

I also enjoyed GOTG3. With my combo meal.

Sisu. Unrelenting gratuitous violence.

It’s tops.


Watched Blackberry tonight.

Easy enough watch about the rise and fall of the phone and it’s founders

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Tetris a decent watch too and in a similar vein to that.

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I watched Casablanca for the first time recently.

An absolute Tour de France of a film.
Can’t quite explain how I had never watched it before.

So I went on to watch ice cold in alex which is another cracker.

What do I watch after that?


The Third Man?

The Maltese Falcon?


I’ve never seen Casablanca myself, I must look for it.

Go for a proper classic like deep throat or Debbie does dallas

Flight Of The Phoenix (1965)

True Grit

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A friend of mine read a book about the company a few years ago. He was recounting the start of the book where one of the Executives was presenting a case full of diamond encrusted blackberries to some crowd of Saudi investors when they had the first network blackout. Some kick in the nuts.


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North by Northwest

Doesn’t get a mention in the movie but well with the watch.

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