Gordo's in Da House

Whaddup bitches? Hows it goin? Who’s who - I need a list of real names to put with the usernames - Collie/Rory - I need names!

I already know Farmer :smiley: Was there many new additions? I sent some serious invites about yesterday!!!

More of the alliance doubling up here i’d say. Pretty sad lads n fairness.


whats the craic flanog?

Shag all, you? Is there any new additions since yesterday? I did some serious spamming…should be a few joiners.

Just read this on TI - dont go to Rathfarnam wha?

“Garda from Rathfarnham conducted a planned search of open ground in the Ballycullen area yesterday evening and recovered seven handguns.”

Dont let the kids out to play…


Great to have you on board Gordo


Gordo, dans name is paul. Arts name is james. Frans name is Tom. Phils name is George.

Ah, I get it now, thanks!

I told you that in the strictest of confidence Frank?

how the fuck you know that :confused:

you wexford boys are freaking me out today

SShhh Paul, don’t give the game away

Fook off Gordo.

We were the rock and roll kids…I’m so embarrassed for you - still - almost a year later. :smiley:


Why did you spam your ex employers telling people to sign up here?


I still sing the Eurovision medley as a party piece but it doesn’t mean as much as it once did. And how could it? The nation disgracefully treated this sacred event as a joke and willingly took the piss out of it by voting for Dustin to represent us. Karma is a bitch and I don’t think it’s a mere coincidence that a recession has been biting the testicles off us since then.

Because I couldn’t Mass Spam my current employers without getting some heat, and this place could do with some members other than the “in crew” no?

Business is business after all. Who are you in real life Runt?

I cant really slag you over it, I requested that you sang it over and over again for hours. You’re pretty fucking good at it. I want to hear it right now. Surely someone has put it on YouTube by now? I want to see it in the media section.



I’m Vivian- My intersts include Tag rugby, Spinning classes and i especially love Valentines day.

Im Flano that is all anyone need know.