Grand Theft Auto 4 Thread

I have been reading about the game just now and I cant wait to get my hands on it next Tuesday. Its the reason why I bought a Playstation 3. Anybody else getting it next Tuesday? :wink:

Don’t think I’ll be getting it next Tuesday because I haven’t pre-ordered it and I presume you have to have done so by now. Looks superb though.

Went to Smyths and got it this morning. Im just installing it now. Will let the forum know if the game can live up to the expectations the media has placed upon it.

was out in town there and just happened to be in gamestop. Loads of xbox copies on the shelf, so I thought, hmm, mustnt need to pre order. Alas, no such luck. Might try xtravision later, feck all other places around here for games

Heard it’s 20 euro cheaper in Tesco.

Yeah-39.95 in Tesco

aye, heard that too, but the one near me is a bit unreliable for that kind of thing. Was waiting for ages for them to get Halo in so gave up and just paid the tenner extra in xtravision. Going to check there at lunchtime tho anyway.

I didnt preorder it but did go in as soon as the shops opened to make sure I got it. I didnt know Tescos were selling it for 40 euro till after I spent 65 euros on it.

First impressions are good. I did a few missions. The usual kind of stuff. The car handling is different though. When it rains the car is much harder to control. I am impressed with the Sat Nav option. I will never get lost again. The mobile phone keeps track of your contacts. You get to ignore people. Instead of helping my cousin fend off loan sharks I went on a date. There was some good banter after I picked him up from the hospital.