Great Finishes

Great goals that are all about the finish, not the build-up.

Extra marks for ball starting outside the post and coming back in. No marks for raw power. No marks for beating any defenders beforehand.

  1. David Villa v Getafe
  1. Berbatov v Nice

How can you have 2 number 1s? Shambles of a thread.

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That’s a fucking belter right there

Pazzini is the master of getting across the defender and attacking the ball. He has scored some unbelievable goals in this manner through his careers, shame he never really made the most of his ability for one reason or another.

Slightly unrelated as it’s a header but it’s my favourite header of all time.

8:15 and 12:15 here:

Mannini at 13:05 here. Cerezo’s at 2:01 is pretty good too.

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Don’t think there’s ever been a better finish for a crucial goal in a Cup final than this. Schoolboys’ own stuff.

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Is he the first black to play for Bilbao?

I think so.

Couple of Sheva specials here.

Four Liverpool finishes from four different decades:

Barnes in the 4-4 in 1991

The King

The second of Murphy’s three winners at Old Trafford

Beardsley’s half-volley against Everton

Four against Liverpool here.


Asprilla at 1:02