Great goals

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Was watching highlights of Independiente and Boca Juniors there from last night.

Martin Palermo got a ridiculously good goal. It was similar to David Beckham’s famous one except he didn’t have the same time as DB to size up the strike. An opposing defender had the ball on the half way line and tried to knock a ball out wide. Palermo stuck out his leg to block the ball and it kind of hit him in the thigh and fell at his feet. In one quick movement he just launched the ball from inside his own half, over the keeper’s head and into the net.

Riquelme also set up 2 goals for Boca with sublime through balls.

Yeah i got the link for the youtube video sent to me this morning. Its pretty special, he just turns and smacks it, for Beckhams goal he had more time and placed it exactly where he wanted. Im not doubting the quality of this goal but there is definitley more luck involved in this effort than Beckhams

Good work Flano.

See the way he strikes the ball, kind of by the laces but near the outside of the foot.

Do folk reckon that’s harder to do than Beckham’s more instep style that time?

I think Palermo’s is better but maybe that’s because I don’t really like Beckham.

Palermo’s also famous for missing 3 penalties for Argentina in one Copa America match. Think it against Columbia but it’s going back to the turn of the millenium.

Yeah I remember there being talk of the possibility of ridiculous sums being paid for Palermo and then his career just fizzled out. Quite rightly from what I saw of him. I remember the three penalty misses. You’d have to be some prick to miss two and then take another.

That is superb.

The Palermo/Riquelme partnership was much hailed at Boca if I remember correctly. Then Riquelme joined Barca and Palermo joined Villareal. Palermo was a flop and had left before Riquelme joined. I wonder what would have happened if the two had been played there together…

Other great goals:

Trevor Sinclair - bicycle from outside the box for QPR - think it was an FA Cup match.
Steve McManaman - volley from outside the box against Newcastle in off the post
Steve McManaman - volley from left hand side of the box into the far corner of the net against Arsenal (was from a throw-in by Bjornebye I think)
Marco Van Basten - Euro 88 final
Ronnie Whelan - Euro 88 versus USSR
Ray Houghton - USA 94 versus Italy
Matthew Taylor - this season where he wellied it from about 45 yards
Robbie Fowler - where he barged Gary Neville off the ball and chipped the ball past Schmeichel with his right
Robbie Fowler - textbook header against Derby County when he then slid into the net after the ball (from a John Scales cross)
Michael Owen - France 98 versus Argentina
Thierry Henry - where he rolled the ball up for himself and volleyed it over Barthez (shame he doesn’t score in big games)

Be careful there Clarkeycat, I noticed the vast majority of them goals you mentioned are from the souless EPL. Raven will be on giving out and maybe The Croppy will rear his head on the matter

Maxi Rodriguez at the last World Cup:

That famous George Weah goal for Milan against Verona. Hadn’t seen it in years and not as good as I thought it was in my mind:

Remember this one from the King at Euro 2004 against Bulgaria:

Is it just my computer but all these are blank? Did you get them for you tube?

Dejan Savicevic scored a fantastic goal for Milan against Barca in 1994 - still the greatest ever performance I have seen from a team

Recoba scored a few scorchers when he was on loan with Verona (?) from Inter a few years ago

Not to mention all of Le Tissier’s goals…

Thought YouTube was blocked in your work? They’re fine on mine.

Kinkladze for Manchester City against Southampton in 1996:

Stankovic v Chievo from this season. Cracker

Here’s Ronnie Whelan against the USSR:

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Thought YouTube was blocked in your work? [/quote]

Yeah farmer, YouTube is blocked in our workplace during work hours. Thank goodness for overtime!

That Lyon goal tonight reminded me of this even better goal from the same area of the pitch:


Possibly the purest strike I’ve ever seen:


the commentary on the telephone adds to the drama of the proceedings