Great Irish Music

I like this.

Lankum - Bear Creek

Great little single.

Brilliant album.

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Excellent band.

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Some old fella decided to launch into this in the pub last night, including the high pitched bits which he performed very well.

It a great old tune in fairness.


A fucking dinger of an album. They’re playing Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyymo this year, it’ll be off the hook.

OXN - @farmerinthecity (literally)

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Nice cover. I heard Katie Kim (from ØXN) do it solo in Dolans about six years ago.

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I think I prefer that album to the Lankum one last year. Really really good.

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It’s a brilliant album and John “Spud” Murphy’s production shines through.
But nothing can hold a candle to Lankum and False Lankum for me. I think they’re the band I’ve been waiting all my life for.

The greatest Irish album of all time for me.


I don’t care what people say about this crowd - this is as catchy as fuck.

The Thrills - Big Sur

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I liked their album and few gigs I saw

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The best Irish band for me.