Great love songs shouldn't need explanations, but you have to provide one anyway


I met her in The Bot/The Botanic Inn. She was as pretty as a pin, on the rebound, yet happy, lighthearted and carefree. I was big and awkward, she was perfect and petit. The one night we went to a nightclub she let me do the dancing- she just stood on my toes and put her arms round my neck. I bought the Gram Parsons cd round about when she kicked me into touch. If it had been vinyl I’d have worn out ‘love hurts’.


Because there’s always hope ye freaks


Thanks @Lazarus I went out on a limb there, purely for the good of the forum




Real men don’t fear love mate


I wouldn’t know. And I’m man enough to admit it


Great song, by two of the genuine greats of country. There’s a lot more to their story apparently that will ever see the light of day, and so it should be. The magic of love. Here’s her tribute to him, still in love today I would bet. “It was in the wilderness and the canyon was on fire”.


The forum needs a bit of love, even unrequited love will do.


Fuckit, there’s the night gone now. Thanks mate.


Ah man. Just when I thought the hurt was bad



Where’s the explanation Mike? Man the fuck up.


The wife turned 50 on Monday


Ah well, you could forgive most things, not turning 50 though.