Great moments on the late late show

Can’t find them on Youtube but for me:

  • Annie Murphy
  • Cardinal Cathal Daly in the late 1990s
  • Any of the multiple of times that Gay had his flirt-fest with Sinéad O’Connor
  • The Dubliners Anniversary Show
  • Gay having Liam Griffin and Martin Storey on following Wexford’s 1996 All-Ireland SHC win

What about the biggest of them all Padraig Flynn in 1999?

Padraig Flynn on the late late

Good one.

  • Terry Keane revealing that she was having an affair with Charlie

  • John Waters (I think) telling the west of Ireland that it needed a good kick up the arse in the mid-1990s

  • Andy O’Mahony asking Deirdre Purcell did she sleep with Gay while writing his autobiography.

Apparently this poor fella committed suicide in the last few days. RIP.

Great moment though.

Couple of great moments those.

I recall an exchange between Byrne and Murphy that went something like this:

Murphy: I told Eamonn I loved him.
Byrne: What did he say?
Murphy: He said he loved me to.
Byrne: What did you say?
etc etc

He also said something along the lines that if the kid turned out as good of a man as his father then he’ll be ok, to which Murphy replied ‘I’m not that bad either My Byrne’.

Also Byrne interviewing Sinead O’Connor after she was ordained a priest.
His first line was ‘Sinead - what on earth are you doing?’

Best moment of all was when he rang up the winner of the postal quiz who had died the previous day in a car crash. Byrne handled it incredibly well, despite asking the person ‘why did her daughter die?’ to which she replied ‘are you trying to be funny’. He was just genuinely in shock.

I always found Byrne to be one of the most patronising fuckers on TV, but boy he was good on the Late Late.

I was only around 13 when that Gerry Adams interview was shown but I remember how it was such a big thing at the time. The footage shows what an arsehole Gay Byrne was and probably still is.

I know a lad who moved into Howth a good few years back. He held a housewarming party and dropped invites into all the neighbouring gaffs. Byrne who lived nearby, showed up for a few hours and had a few drinks.
The next week yer man gets an invoice from Byrne’s accountant for £3,000 citing an ‘appearance fee’, Yer man rang the accountant and told him Gay can come and ask for the money himself. He still has the invoice framed on the wall.

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Don’t be getting lemon because something happened in north county Dublin without your knowledge.

Probably signed in the name of Russell Murphy. :rolleyes:

howth isnt North Couty Dublin :rolleyes: