Great Music Covers

Brilliant cover. Made famous when featured in the credits of a Soprano’s episode from season 6. Original composed by Ennio Morricone for Once Upon a Time in the West.

P.S. Puke, any Garth Brooks covers you have would be a great help. T.Hanks.

Not a complete cover because of Strange Glue in the middle but I fucking love this.

The outstanding version of ‘And the band played Waltzing Matilda’ by The Pogues

REM cover Creedence Clearwater Revival’s classic, Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

Posted this before in Smashing Tunes - this is a live version.

Tindersticks - Kathleen (written by Townes Van Zandt)

Also from the sopranos

beer add

Rare good call Farmer. Sticking with Townes.

Pixies - Cecilia Ann (written by The Surftones)

Pixies - Head On (written by the Reid Brothers)

Radiohead cover Can’s The Thief

Nick Cave takes on a Velvets classic. The high point of his wonderful album of covers - Kicking against the Pricks

a brilliant and original take on an Oasis classic and one of my favourite covers. I remember this poor bastard getting savaged by Paxman on Newsnight because Paxman thought that lounge music was like shit on his shoe.

As good as it gets

Another good cover of the Ace of Spades

Metallica cover of Belfast band Sweet Savage’s Killing time. They did a remarkable performance of this in Marlay Park last year.

nice one sid