Great news for Fingal's Italian community


Il Valentino the coffee shop and bakery have taken space in Tony Higgins butcher shop at Sutton Cross.


Bad sign if a butcher is renting space fagan , enjoy it while it lasts


Are you a customer in their Grand Canal Dock shop, @Fagan ODowd? Is it as good as reviews on places like Yelp suggest? But somebody made a comment lately that made me think - “what kind of arsehole bothers writing reviews on places like Yelp to begin with?” All reviews should be completed on TFK.


It’s only a matter of time before the liquidator comes crashing through the door there at Tony’s , poor Valentino will get caught in the crossfire and fagan could suffer horrific burns to his crotch area as the cup of newly ground coffee gets swept out of his hand


Nothing like having a latte with the smell of raw meat wafting in.


Some of the muldoons having difficulty here imagining what a high end butcher shop looks and smells like.


No sawdust on the floor and blood all over the counter, no dog nipping in and grabbing bits of trimmed fat from a overflowing bucket in the corner ?


What is it with Fingal?

  • Serving coffee and pastries in a butcher shop
  • Serving pints over looking a swimming pool
  • Serving a curry in a garden centre

Not a butchers.


Tis far from lattes, high-end butchers and €22 hair cuts you were raised Fagan.


It is indeed.


The fuckin dope…


It’s hopeless , a butcher starts serving coffee it’s national news day in fingal. Lads could ye not don the sheepskins, tuck in the hip flask and walk the King Charles ? Coffee in a butcher shop ??


These are the same eejits who have issues with hunting/coursing etc but see no problem going in and having the sat morning mocha under the skinned half carcass of a slaughtered spring lamb


Fantastic news.


It is Rocko. I bought a huge ciabatta that I’ve been nibbling all day and a nice bun.


Purely out of interest , but in Dublin are ye willing to pay a premium for butcher served coffee ?


why are you asking that on this thread?


I popped in here to check if someone had come up with an anti stench shirt for our resident italian stink meister


This is extremely good news. Like most howth residents I find the fried Irish / English breakfast repulsive. Picking up my cold meat cuts from the local butchers where I can also pick up my espresso and fresh croissants is a welcome convenience.