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Get them posted on this thread.

Here’s a couple of starters:

George O’Connor kneeling down in prayer immediately after the final whistle in the 1996 All Ireland Hurling Final. He’d finally secured a winners’ medal in the 17th and final year of his Wexford career - battered, bloodied but victorious -

Oh Artur Boruc, the Holy Goalie - he hates the Huns,
He blessed himself at Ibrox and the Huns went off their nut,
He’s off his fooking rocker and he says,

the best fans in the world

Class picture

Tommy Burns diving on top of the pile of celebrating Celtic players after the shoot-out victory against Spartak Moscow early last season -

the tardelli scream

butterbean at his best


My favourite is Oskar Camenzind crossing the line in Valkenburg at the 1998 Cycling World Championships, head bowed and covered in muck, looking absolutely spent. It’s a Graham Watson photo.
Can’t find it though.

Larry Duff, Balbec, Rock and Turenne might know it.

My second favourite is this:
“The big man doesn’t like it up him” - J. Giles

The Day Ireland Finally Became Confident In Its Own Skin And Really Became A Nation*

Ireland v England - Croke Park, February 2007:

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a great day

The Hand of God

[quote=“Bandage”]Ireland v England - Croke Park, February 2007:

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the day we matured as a nation:rolleyes:

the traitor at his best

A great day indeed. About time we learned to respect tyranny, colonisation and opression.

James ‘Buster’ Douglas knocks out Mike Tyson -

Considering they’re criminals and drug addicts with nothing on their minds but fighting, that’s a pretty good display.


eh what? some lower division title & gga qualifiers -ffs mac -aim a little higher

Shane Warne acknowledging the applause after taking his 600th test wicket -

After the heartache of 1996:

and 2000:

Hicham El Guerrouj finally wins the Olympic 1500m title after dominating the event for nearly ten years

and then for good measure he also wins the 5000m

One of my all time favourite pictures: