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A Limerick head-band got tangled in his boots and he fell over.

God Will Judge The Jezebels

Kyle obviously doesn’t wear contact lenses.

Good job he wears underpants…

Unlike the former Laois Footballer who got caught badly short once in a Leinster U21 Final with subsequent photo reproduced in a regional paper unawares of the unfortunate slippage.

I’ll take your word for it…

Pre internet days, but doesnt stop it popping back up from time to time.

Ferguson was a hard man

Don’t think he ever recovered from that

After the replay Jim was moping around when he came across a gathering outside a building. There was a fire and a mother and baby were trapped. Jim shouted for her to drop the baby, that he was Jim Leighton and he would catch it. She thanked him but politely declined and said she’d wait for the fire brigade. Fire Brigade were delayed cos of the match day crowd and the fire was so close she shouted down to him that she was going to drop the baby.

Jim got his goalie gloves from his gear bag and took the penalty saving pose, shuffling from side to side. The mother told him that she wasn’t trying to avoid him and to stay fucking still. She eventually dropped the baby and everyone was sure he’d drop it but good ol’ Jim came up trumps and caught it, bounced it off the ground 3 times and kicked it up the street.

The 1960s called and want the joke returned.