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It’s a brilliantly timed photo and looks terrific, but it was as a result of a short pass from a close in free. That’s the Belgian wall breaking up, not a load of lads shitting themselves at the sight of Maradona.



Murray had a finger up his hole there.


Should he not have put some eye drops in his left eye as well?


Maybe he put black ones in the other eye.

Cc @Juhniallio


Gefle IF celebrating a 1-0 win at Kalmar FF last night with their only away supporter (700 mile’ round trip in Sweden).




I thought that might have been a picture of the crowd at a recent LoI ldecider.


Now that supporter is more box office than the entire LOI. :smile:







Canning hurls I’d guess


Where is the Davy Fitz one taken ??? Context ???


It was sent to me on WhatsApp so not 100% sure but I think he was judging some local charity song contest or something



Imagine of those cunts sitting in front of @Fagan_ODowd obstructing his view. A few swift dunts in the back and one to knock off the headpiece would be the result.


Hup outta that