Great things about Brexit

  1. The complete acceptability of Anglophobia. The country was insufferable before Brexit; standing ovations for Margaret Thatcher, John Bruton washing Prince Charles’ feet, the TFK official England-backers thread. Now the Screaming Mullalys can’t handle it.

  2. A United Ireland

  3. Watching the like of Dominic Raab completely destroye their careers.

  4. Watching Arlene Foster realise the English don’t really give a fuck about her.

  5. The TFK Brexit thread.

  6. Jobs for Dublin.

Fill in your own great things about Brexit here…

  1. @flattythehurdler getting to come home
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@Sidney surprisingly finds himself in agreement with sensible people

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  1. Bendy bananas!!!

I hope I get deported.

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It started out in innocence
The way that most things do
A thousand people crammed in one place
But the only face was you


What condition is your condition in?


They aren’t destroying their careers though, it’s the complete opposite - they’re making them.

There’s a delusion on the part of Remainers that the crackpots are going to be persona non grata after all this - they will only grow in popularity. That’s what happens when a much more damaging form of mass delusion takes hold among the population at large.

Your average tan will wake up to discover that he’s both a subject and a vassal

And then one Saturday in March
I decided I would go
As I was going nowhere and my mind was getting slow.
I opened all the closets
There wasn’t much to pack.
I felt bad about not telling her
I wasn’t coming back.
But this day she was early
She looked at me and asked why???
I said why???

  1. Freedom from vassalage
  2. We’ll have our playgrounds back.
  3. An annual bank holiday to mark the passing of the referendum.
  1. Britain will get its beloved straight bananas back, the proper straight bananas, the way they USED TO BE before the EU NAZIS insisted they all had to be bent, like all trendy liberal lefties are. Britain will grow its own bananas, the way it always did, and they’ll be STRAIGHT.
  1. The disdain between Bercow and his former colleagues.

John Bercow


The Brit’s exposing themselves as the deluded bastards we’ve always known them to be to the rest of the World.


The increase in revenue from people in N.I and Britain applying for Irish passports.

Brexits biggest benefit is that it has exposed paddy as a forelock tugging lickspittle who swapped one master for another.

Big fuck-off ships.

The FCA lads should gather tonight in the Curragh and a snap invasion of Britain should follow

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